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Get You Mortgage Ready

With years of experience, with our partnership with realtors and lenders, we know exactly what to do to get you approved for your mortgage

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A good credit score does not mean a healthy credit life. We challenge all aspects of your credit reports to make you credit healthy

Get You Back On the Track

With a healthy credit profile, you are back on track with low-interest rates and the ability to get approved for almost anything

Why Traditional Credit Repair

Does not work

Here’s a quick breakdown of the facts per every 100,000 disputes sent in by Americans just like you.
These are statistics directly from ftc.org and represent traditional dispute based credit repair

0 %
9 out of 10 consumers that DISPUTE never see a change in scores
0 %
Approximately 9,621 had a score change of LESS than 25 points
< 15 %
Only 4 in 1000 DISPUTING are SIGNIFICANTLY Successful
50 %
Approximately 1 in 20 had a score change of more than 25 points

or 90,000 Americans

of 10,000 successes

or approx. 2 people

or just 19 people

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